– An audio guide at Carlsberg

Here, you are able to listen to “Brewed Stories”, which is a collection of anecdotal surprises and historic narratives. You may find your way to the 16 audio posts by looking at the interactive map. When you arrive at a post you simply click on the number directly on the map and the story will be played.

Download as podcast here or listen to the stories directly from the map

If you wish to listen to the stories when you are outside the area, you can play the sound files from here
1. The Colonel and The Milkman
2. Sunglasses and Clogs
3. A town inside the town
4. Horse Christening and Lion Feet
5. Beerfree Elegance
6. The Stringman
7. The Magic Refrigerator
8. Butterflies and Sauce
9. Bachelors and Householdbeer
10. Yeast and Bronze
11. Gas-Jens
12. The Subterranean Manager
13. The First Beginning
14. The Lake and the Strike
15. Sober Chinese
16. A Thinking Shelter
About 'Brewed Stories'

Since the Carlsberg area was opened to the public in 2009 it has provided the framework for many different activities and for people of all ages. When moving around the area today, one may notice that a whole new part of the city is being created in the middle of Copenhagen. In between the new buildings, however, the old buildings are still standing proud as a witness of what the place used to be.

With this audio guide we are putting focus on some of the many stories that the area holds. The stories are a result of conversations with several generations of brewery workers, as well as with the help of archivists, janitors and other prominent personalities that have been or still are a part of the area.

For example you may hear about The Bottle Cap Attic and its nook and crannies, The String Mans achievements, what the water level in a lake has to do with going on strike, and you will also get an idea of what the subterranean beer world is hiding.

We would like to thank the former brewery workers and others associated with Carlsberg that have vividly shared their experiences.

‘Brewed Stories’ is developed and produced by Rikke Vagner and Eva Kinch Brøndsted, whom together run the agency Ordered by Colour.

The project is sponsored by

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